Our week is at an end, and I hope that you have discovered some beautiful new books to enchant the children in your life. If purchasing is not in your budget, most of these books should be available in your library system. The important thing is that children have constant access to a variety of excellent books.

But what about you? You cannot give what you do not have, and in order to form children for a life of wisdom and holiness you must be formed thus yourself. It is all too easy to neglect your own needs, but here are three titles that will, I pray, refresh you for the tasks ahead.

The Word on Fire Bible

This beautiful new Bible from Word on Fire Ministries is a treasure for busy families. Alongside The Four Gospels are articles, quotes, definitions and more to aid in the understanding of Holy Scripture. Glorious depictions of sacred art fill the pages, inviting one to delve deeper into the richness of our faith. The commentary, from both historic and modern Church sources, is erudite but accessible. If you struggle to fit meaningful daily Scripture reading into your life, take a closer look and consider whether this lovely volume might help.

Awaking Wonder

Many parents have experienced some disruption in their children’s education this year, and this new book from Sally Clarkson could not be more timely. In her warm and beautiful way, Sally reassures us that we are entirely capable of encouraging our children’s natural desire to explore and understand. From her wealth of experience she shares both practical ideas for creating a home culture that is vibrant with opportunities for discovery, but also an underlying philosophy that empowers children to become who the good God made them to be. Whatever schooling option you are currently pursuing, and whatever the stage of your family, I wholeheartedly recommend Sally’s wisdom.

Sensing God

Here I’m failing in my sworn duty to help you with your Christmas shopping, because this new debut book from Sally’s son Joel Clarkson is not due out until January 2021. But from the excerpts I have seen and heard, it is not to be missed. Himself a composer and musician, Joel delves into a deeper understanding of the Creator’s love for us through beauty and sensory experiences. He considers the wonder of the Incarnation through nature, the richness of worship, intentional family experiences, and all manner of everyday beauties; exploring how we encounter God in those moments. This one is on my wishlist for sure.

Additionally, I encourage you to peruse afresh these selections from last year. These devotionals, poems, and stories are timeless, and will renew your spirit for the work that lies ahead. Likewise, don’t forget simply to enjoy the books you read with your children. If they are chosen wisely, they will nurture your soul as well as theirs.

May you be blessed with a joyous Christmastide as you lead your family to adore the Christ Child.