I am honored to have been featured on the blog of Word on Fire Catholic Ministries. Word on Fire strives to provide Catholics with solid tools for evangelization and catechesis, and it was my pleasure to chat with Robert Mixa, Fellow of Education at the Word on Fire Institute, about the role that secular children’s literature can play in shaping families. Here is a short excerpt from the interview:

How have you used literature to complement  your family’s catechesis?

My children are learning the faith through very intentional catechesis, but I also want them to see how it is applied in the dilemmas of the books they read. I have selected our own library carefully to ensure that the stories my children read will help them to recognize that they were created with love and purpose. I want them to imagine and build; to be inspired to grow into the heroes they love. I want them to respect others and find strength in the humblest service—to recognize virtue in action, and choose to take it up; to seek the Truth and follow it.

You can read the full interview here at the Word on Fire Blog.

I discussed with Robert a number of excellent titles that reflect Catholic values, and he asked me specifically which children’s books best represent the goodness, truth, and beauty of our good God. My readers will surely recognize the favorites that I named, but there are so many possibilities that it was difficult to name only three. I might further suggest the following:

Goodness: Boxes for Katje, The Cobble Street Cousins

Truth: Brother Sun, Sister Moon, The Tale of Despereaux

Beauty: The Forever Garden, The Lost Words

There are many other titles for children that support these ideals, and new friends can find them here on The Family Bookshelf. Whether you seek adventure or a cozy home, picture books or chapter books, new releases or classics; you’ll find books for children of all ages that respect our Catholic worldview and cultivate virtue.

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Thank you for visiting The Family Bookshelf. I know we can strengthen our homes, our families, and our faith by reading good books together.