Merry Christmas!

I hope you are finding joy in the Birth of Our Precious Lord. Once the wrapping paper is picked up off the floor and the dishes put away, I often think this quieter period that follows is the time to fully penetrate the Mystery of the Incarnation.

There is so much to ponder that the Church, in her wisdom, allows us twelve days to celebrate Christmas. I think of these twelve days not only as a celebration, but as a maternity leave; a time to heal the wounds of birth and marvel at a precious new gift.

For any mother just arrived home with a newborn child, it takes time to get to know the miracle of a baby. Time, in fact, melts away… sitting in the rocking chair between feedings, examining every dimple and counting those little fingers over and over again. Do we know Jesus that well? Do we recognize those tiny hands that will be pierced for us? Are we aware of the deep and abiding love that brought Him into the world, and our need for His redemption? Such things are not grasped in a moment, and we need these days to adore Him and glory in God’s goodness.

So don’t take down the tree – revel in it! Keep baking cookies, and choose a charitable donation you can make as a family. Make some popcorn and call a family game night. Sit before the crèche and admire that Child as if He were your own. Return the love that is so freely given to you.

It’s only the second day of Christmas – rejoice!