Our week is coming to a close, and I hope you have discovered enough good titles to keep your family reading for a long time to come.

Before we finish, I would like to offer this final list to you, my readers. You are the parents, grandparents, godparents, and teachers; you are the home-builders, the keepers of the flame. You are, by the direction of Our Holy Mother Church, the first catechists of your children. It is up to you to instruct them in the Faith received, and to nurture them so they might choose holiness.

How can you fulfill this vocation, this awesome responsibility? Well, it is a huge task, and you must nurture your own faith in order to share it. I pray that these books might help you.

Not all of these will necessarily be what every reader needs – and of course there are many titles that could just as easily make this list – but in all of these you will find encouragement in the great work of raising saints.

Divine Intimacy

This classic Carmelite devotional is one you can read perpetually, as it offers meditations for each day of the Church year. A rich guide to the interior life, you could read it every day for years and still be learning from its depths. (You can also pick it up as needed, when the seasons of life permit such study.)

Theology of Home

A new book focused on the building of homes as spiritually nourishing places for our families, this is a must-read for anyone who knows that we are living for a higher purpose.

Around the Year with the Von Trapp Family

This newly-reprinted book by the real Maria von Trapp (yes, from the Sound of Music) shares Old-World customs for marking the liturgical year within the home. The pages are filled with beautiful ways to live the faith as a family.

Poems Every Catholic Should Know

The title says it all. A very well-curated collection of poems to inspire and uplift a faithful heart beleaguered by daily labors. This volume, along with Divine Intimacy, never leaves my nightstand.

The Awakening of Miss Prim

In this classy novel a self-assured young woman arrives in a rather unusual community, and begins to reconsider what is most important in life. (Fortunately she finds plenty of tea and crumpets to keep her going.)

The Imitation of Christ

If you’ve never read this Christian classic, you must. If you’ve read it before, read it again. It will whet your desire for heaven and refocus your work here on earth.

Story of a Soul

The spiritual autobiography of St. Thérèse of Lisieux, reading this simple book is the first step towards practicing her Little Way. I find her simple wisdom essential in the running of my own home.

The Life-Giving Home

This thoughtful volume contains practical and deeply prayerful advice for joyful Christian home and family life. If you want your faith to be reflected in your home, this book will guide you.

On Reading Well

With so many influences demanding so much of a family’s time, you want to be sure that what you’re reading for pleasure is enriching you. This fascinating book considers how reading great literature cultivates the virtues.

The Practice of the Presence of God

An appropriately short read, this spiritual classic teaches us to recognize and return God’s love in the most mundane everyday tasks.

May your family be blessed as you make preparations for the coming of Christ. I hope that your hearts, homes, and bookshelves might be full of goodness.

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