Hello Friends, and welcome to the Week of Wishlists!

Christmas is coming, and there are all sorts of reasons why books make the best gifts for children of all ages. We know that reading aloud with children from an early age supports their development, and that making reading material regularly available will aid their desire to explore the world through the written page. But what children read also forms their character, and they deserve stories that will point them toward the fullness of Truth.

I always encourage my readers to make use of the library to keep their families stocked with books; not only is it more practical than buying everything, but it teaches children to share and make use of public services, and to realize that financial limitations should not be a barrier to wisdom and knowledge. But if you are able to add a book or two to your home collection, I would strongly encourage you to consider the ones I’ll be sharing this week. They are my favorites, chosen because their simple beauty nourishes the very best in the young souls under our care.

First, and in no particular order, some treasuries of the very best poems and tales. I love such collections because when youngsters beg for more on a wintry afternoon, you can readily oblige them! With sound writing to seize older imaginations and beautiful illustrations to captivate younger ones, these are always splendid choices for family readaloud time. Amazon affiliate links are embedded in the titles and photos.

A Child’s Garden of Verses

These classic poems are surprisingly fun, and these illustrations rendered by Tasha Tudor are priceless.

Children’s Book of Virtues

A splendid and diverse collection of tales and poems organized by the virtue each exhibits; we’re on our second copy, as we literally wore out our first.

Children’s Book of Heroes

Prepared by the same team behind the Book of Virtues, young heroes should not be without this inspiring collection.

The Classic Treasury of Aesop’s Fables

There are many excellent editions of Aesop’s Fables for children; this one, although it does not have all hundred-and-however-many tales, has wonderfully expressive color illustrations and retellings of the stories that are at once intelligent and easy to understand.

The Tales of Beatrix Potter

These precious stories are at their best in the original dainty volumes. Everyone has their own favorites; you need them all to find yours!

The Complete Tales of Winnie-the-Pooh

The original illustrations by Shepard is the only way to go with these; I like this timeless representation of childhood innocence all bound in one great volume.

The Complete Brambly Hedge

For those who (like myself) cannot get enough of cheery little mammals picnicking in waistcoats, this collection of pastoral tales is a must.

James Herriot’s Treasury for Children

The empathetic, real-life stories of a country vet are gently told and warmly illustrated for children in one magnificent book that will hold your children entranced all evening.

A World Full of Animal Stories

This brilliant assortment of folk tales contains wisdom from around the world, all enchantingly told and brightly illustrated.

If you’re missing any of these great books on your shelf, I hope this wishlist can fill in the gaps. Tomorrow I will share my favorite picture books… make sure you’ve signed up to receive it right in your inbox!

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