Dear Readers,

For the past year and a half, it has been my pleasure to share my reviews of beautiful children’s books on this blog. I hope to continue in that work, and as my writing expands so must the scope of this space.

Recently I have enjoyed sharing more regular reflections, via social media, about the role of literature in Catholic family life. I look forward to sharing these with readers here also, and creating a place where families striving to live faithfully, thoughtfully, and liturgically can gather to glean ideas.

I will begin on Monday with a Week of Wishlists, featuring suggestions (with affiliate links) for the titles I would love to place on every family’s bookshelf during this gift-giving season.

Sharing good literature with children is a key to developing their consciences as well as their imaginations, and I am thrilled to share with you more often as we labor together to make the world a lovelier, holier place.

I invite you to follow me also on Facebook and Twitter. If you have not already signed on to receive updates via email, please do so now so you won’t miss a thing.